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What is methadone?

Methadone is a drug commonly used to treat opiate addiction and relieve pain. Methadone is not intended to treat addictions to other drugs such as alcohol, cocaine marijuana or other non-opioid drugs. Methadone blocks the receptors in the brain that are affected by opiates such as heroin and prescription drugs, enabling users to gradually detox from opiates without experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms.

Is methadone safe?

When used as prescribed, methadone can be safely taken while in treatment. Methadone does not impair the ability to drive, work, or perform normal ordinary activities.

Is methadone effective?

Methadone has been used for many decades as an effective way to treat opioid addiction. When methadone is taken as prescribed, methadone has been proven to relieve withdrawal symptoms. It also reduces the patients opiate craving. All of these things better the patients ability to function on a daily basis and improve the patients overall quality of life.

How long is someone prescribed methadone?

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Treatment with methadone varies by patient, so there is no predetermined length of treatment. Treatment takes time, and although there is no real time frame for successful treatment, many cases show positive results with longer treatment. For methadone maintenance, 12 months is considered the minimum and some opioid addicted individuals continue to benefit from treatment for many years.